Tires/Oil Changes/
Exhaust Work
We offer oil changes and a great selection of tires -- at reasonable prices.  No matter what make or model of your vehicle, we can change the oil/oil filter and provide you with a selection of discounted tires.  We can also repair or replace your exhaust system -- at prices lower than you will find almost anywhere in the area!
Come to Cherokee Auto Service for regular maintenance of your vehicle and also for state inspections.  Our goal is to treat our valued customers like family so they will choose us each and every time they need service to their vehicles.  Fair prices and quality service are our goals with every customer interaction. 


No matter what the mechanical issue with your vehicle,
we can fix it!

Alignment/Front End Work/Brakes
No matter what the issue with your car, from an alignment issue to front end work needing  or even brakes, we can repair your vehicle for you.  We have invested in the latest, high-tech equipment and tools to ensure we do your job right the first time.
No matter what your engine issue, we can repair it.  We can also install a rebuilt or new engine in your vehicle.  As for transmissions, we can also repair or replace your transmission -- at rates that are lower than our competitors'.  Our goal is to provide quality service to every one of our valued customers at a reasonable price!